I briganti di Cerreto

Description of the CBT initiative:
The cooperative is offering accommodation together with culinary, sports and natural experiences.
They are taking care of the territory by the maintenance of the natural environment, as well as offering recreational activities such as horse-riding, bike-tours, trekking. All visitors can enjoy the benefit of 0km food, from locally grown vegetables and diary products. The area is giving place to various environmental, school and community projects and meetings.
The project ha salso revitalised and re-started the protection of chestnut forests, which is one of the most important locally used ingredient for bread.

Geographic location:
Parco Nazionale dell’Appennino Tosco Emiliano

What problem they are trying to solve? What have they accomplished?
In the center of the Apennines, a growing depopulation tendency can be observed. It also means risk of isolation and discomfort for the people still living there in small villages, and the area is more vulnerable to degrade due to abandonment. The cooperative, which was born in 2005, was able to create 8 jobs in a village of 80 people. Since then more then 1000 people are visiting the area yearly, bringing also economic development of the residents and entrepreneurs. Besides the economic benefits, the sense of belonging to a community, has been greatly increased in the village of Cerreto dell’Alpe.

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