The Project

Specific objective of the BOCOTO-project:

To strengthen the capacity of youth organizations & local communities to promote community-based tourism in rural & remote areas

Expected results:

  • Increased socio-professional development of youth workers and young leaders that are equipped with knowledge, key competences and employable tools related to CBT and sustainable development through different cultural perspectives, educational approaches and community experiences from different regions of the World;
  • Increased transnational cooperation, exchange of good practices and capacity building between youth workers, organizations and NGOs active in the sustainable development field from different World context;
  • Developed CBT volunteering packages based on holistic discovery of cultural diversity, natural products & gastronomy, while being engaged in social & environmental projects where young people can volunteer in local community project;
  • Developed E-learning platform to promote the CBT volunteer packages and reach a wider audience of young people and responsible travellers interested in CBT.

Target groups:

  • Youth workers who work in community-based projects with & for young people & that are interested in community-based tourism and sustainable development;
  • A wider audience of youth workers and young people that will be reached through the E-learning platform.

Capacity building program:

  • 1 Training course in Italy on “Community-Based Tourism & Sustainable Development”;
  • 6 Study visits in Turkey, Spain, Nepal, Kenya, India, Vietnam;
  • 1 Final seminar in Italy.


  • Country analysis on CBT;
  • Open educational resources in diverse European languages (EN, ES, IT), including the e-learning modules;
  • Community- based tourism packages developed within the project.