For Volunteers



If you are interested in taking part in a unique CBT volunteering experience, first of all, please contact the BOCOTO partner organisation in the selected destination country by email, and indicate which CBT-package (2 weeks / 1 month / 3 months) you are interested to participate in.

Our partner organisation will then send you an application form which you are required to fill, as well as to provide a CV and a Motivation letter.

The BOCOTO partner organisation will afterwards send you a personalised CBT package (based on your main interests and skills described in your CV and Motivation letter). This will include:

– an Info-pack that will support your preparation for the CBT-experience from logistic, linguistic, intercultural and medical aspects

– a draft Agenda of your CBT project

– a Risk Management Plan that will describe what preventive measures are recommended to be taken, and how the hosting organisation is prepared for keeping you safe and sound.

– the expected cost of your CBT-package

You will be also invited to participate on a Skype meeting with the local BOCOTO partner to get to know each other better and discuss any question you have.

Once everything is set, your CBT project dates are fixed and you have purchased your travel tickets, the local BOCOTO-partner will prepare everything for your arrival.

Once you arrive, you will participate on an ‘On-the-spot orientation meeting’, where every details and important aspects of your stay will be discussed again.

Depending on the length of your CBT experience, you will take part in specific project activities, participate in intercultural encounters, and go on trips to the selected natural and historical attractions of the region.

The local host will guide you and support you during your full stay. In order to get the most out of your volunteering experience, you will frequently participate in reflection activities.

Once your stay is coming to end, you will evaluate your experience together with the local hosts, discuss what impact it made on you and on the local community / target groups.

And also if you wish you can also agree on specific follow-up activities through what you can further support the local community from your home.

Once you arrived home, we would appreciate if you share your experience with your friends, family and colleagues, not only through your pictures, but through presenting and narrating everything you have experienced there. In this way you can contribute to their increased intercultural understanding.

You can also invite them to join you in those follow-up activities you are planning to realize, or decide together how to develop new sustainable practices and habits, that can contribute to the global sustainable development, and help protect our planet and its people.