Boosting Community-based Tourism
Youth Work for Global Sustainable Development

The BOCOTO project is an international capacity building program that seeks to expose participants to various aspects of “community-based tourism” (CBT) & youth work from different countries & organizations from Italy, Spain, Nepal, Vietnam, Turkey, India & Kenya.

Through a transnational approach, the project is examining concepts & practices underpinning CBT and its potential in the youth field in all targeted local communities and regions.

Perspectives on CBT are explored through a holistic concept of protection and valorisation of biodiversity, cultural diversity, local development, promotion of human rights.

Through an intercultural approach, the project is engaging youth organizations & stakeholders to work together to develop & promote CBT as a catalyst for inclusive & sustainable economic growth, youth employment, social inclusion, well-being & poverty reduction, while at the same time protecting cultural values and the natural heritage.

Why CBT?

Tourism provides a vital source of incomes for local communities & contribute to global sustainable development. Mass tourism threatens biodiversity, damages ecosystems & causes violations of the rights of workers, minorities & local communities.

Community-based tourism (CBT) has a catalytic function for economic, social & cultural development, as a complementary source of income to improve standard of living, create jobs, preserve the traditions & protect the environment. Sustainable tourism is one of the fastest growing type of tourism globally.

The journey is integrated to the learning experience, travellers are actively involved in social, cultural & environmental projects that foster sustainable development in the local community. All the incomes generated by CBT activities, are redistributed among community members or re-invested in community projects.

The Partnership