Boosting Community-based Tourism
Youth Work for Global Sustainable Development

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Why Community-Based Tourism?

Tourism provides a vital source of incomes for local communities and can contribute to the global sustainable development. However, mass tourism threatens biodiversity, damages ecosystems & causes violations of the rights of workers, minorities & local communities.

Community-based tourism (CBT) has a catalytic function for economic, social & cultural development, as a complementary source of income to improve standard of living, create jobs, preserve the traditions & protect the environment. Sustainable and responsible tourism is one of the fastest growing type of tourism globally.

Through an intercultural approach, the ‘BOCOTO-project’ is engaging youth organizations & stakeholders to work together to develop & promote CBT as a catalyst for inclusive & sustainable economic growth, youth employment, social inclusion, well-being & poverty reduction, while at the same time protecting cultural values and the natural heritage.

The ‘CBT-packages’ developed by our partners are using the capacities of the youth sector, offering learning experience for travellers by involving them in social, cultural, education, sport or environmental projects fostering the sustainable development of the local communities. All the incomes generated by CBT activities, are redistributed among community members or re-invested in community projects.

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