Xuan Son CBT

Description of the CDT initiative:
Xuan Son CBT is the second tourism project developed by AOP in Vietnam. Their Community-based Tourism (CBT) project helps ethnic minority groups in Da Bac and Xuan Son to improve their income.

Geographic location:
The CBT is located southwest of Tan Son District in Phu Tho Province, 120 kilometres from Hanoi. Xuan Son CBT lies within the Xuan Son National Park, an area abundant in caves, river systems and limestone karsts, and home to a variety of animals.

What problem they are trying to solve? What have they accomplished?
The local community are mainly Muong and Dao people who focus on rice cultivation and husbandry to make a living. Because of the limited availability of suitable land, some people have unfortunately resorted to illegal harvesting. This small community is made up of about 200 households, with 43% falling below the poverty line. So they try to help them by offering services such as homestays, cultural performances, and guided tours.
In 2017, communities welcomed over 2,000 visitors. This contributed $55,000 to the local economy and over $8,000 to the community fund, which goes towards local infrastructure such as roads and sanitation.

More info: http://actiononcbt.com/xuan-son-cbt/