Introduction of the partner

The social enterprise ” Youth Employment and Society Development” was established by the young Vietnamese women group working in Hanoi to support the disadvantaged youth. Since 2015, we have started this project by researching the life condition of the disadvantaged youth to better provide them with good support and meet their needs. YESD works in 2 main areas: Non-formal education and Sustainable tourism

Our mission is:

1. To gradually deal with unemployment rate in young because in the Universities they just can attain theory not practice that cause many obstacles for them in finding a suitable job after graduating. Identifying that urgent problem, we would like to provide practical skills in English and sustainable tourism through non-formal education for those graduates so that they can have enough skills to better approach career opportunities.
2. To preserve traditions and culture by following the sustainable tourism guidelines. I.E. local farmers do not need to give up their farming work to join groups of street vendor sellers like in some famous places, which have damaged the image of Vietnamese people and Vietnam in the eyes of our international friends.
3. Protect the environment through sustainable tourism activities

Experience and activities:

YESD has been actively involving in capacity building for disadvantaged youth and people from ethnic minority groups since it was established in 2015 (offer workshops and training in soft-skills, language and so on). However, since 2017, YESD focused more on those aspects:

  • Providing the training in language (English), tourism and management skills to local youth and some disadvantaged groups. Then they will be international tour guides, homestay runners, local family restaurant, motorbike English drivers/guides. That is they way we bring benefits to our local communities.
  • Offering the responsible tourism packages throughout the North of Vietnam (with the aim of creating job for local people and offering the most authentic experience for travellers).

* Collaborating with oversea universities like Singapore National University (NUS) to design volunteering trips for NUS students. The trip lasts for 12-20 days and main activities are building kindergatern, building toilet for school, providing studying materials for local kids, organizing festivals and education part related to environment, hygiene and so on

* Promoting local handmade products to our international guests to preserve indigenous traditional jobs and skills like making hand bags, bracelets. Made by the elder.

* Partnering with ERASMUS+ projects in building capacity to the youth, local groups, solving some social issues.

Presentation of the country / region

Youth Employment and Society Development YESD is located in the North of Vietnam. Our base is in Hanoi (the capital) but we operate actively in Ha Giang province which is a mountainous area, 300 km far from Hanoi.

About Vietnam:
The Socialist Republic of Vietnam is situated on the eastern part of Indochina Peninsula in Southeast Asia. Whole Vietnam’s territory runs along the eastern coast of the peninsula, therefore, Vietnam has a really long coastline along the country from the North to the South. Vietnam is a country with a long and complex history and cultural traditions that vary a good deal in the different regions. Many people just know about Vietnam as a country who beated America and French but Vietnam has much more than that. As being a nation of 54 ethnic groups, Vietnam absolutely has a colorful culture with various traditional customs and cultural identity. In general, Vietnam is a developing country. Emerging from an under-developed country, Vietnam is recovering and developing after the damage of wars. After 1986, with Economic Reform, the economy of Vietnam has gained a huge accomplishment with the average growth rate of 9%. Nowadays, Vietnam has a really fast development rate.
Recently, Vietnam becomes a hot-spot for tourists coming to Asia because of various landscapes, rich culture and a safe country.

About Ha Giang:
YESD has been working with people in Ha Giang officially since 2015 (our staffs worked there even earlier). Ha Giang is in far North of Vietnam which is 300 km far from the capital, Hanoi. It is home of more than 22 ethnic minority groups with their own cultures and lifestyles (Almost 90% of population are from ethnic minority groups). During the last 20 years, while other provinces experienced a rapid economic development, Ha Giang still stepped out of the process. Therefore, Ha Giang is one of the poorest province in the country with low literacy rate. Luckily, Ha Giang is gifted with a majestic landscape which became more and more popular now with local tourists and foreign tourists. The farthest and most beautiful place of Ha Giang is Dong Van karst Global Geopark, designated by UNESCO as one of 77 sites with the important geological and cultural heritage. Ha Giang is still an authentic part of Northern Vietnam, offering untouched nature and fascinating scenery and extremely pure local people who are not destroyed by mass tourism.