Nature Camp, Tikarpada, Ecotourism

Description of the CDT initiative:
In 2006 the local community managed to set up a temporary nature camp at Tikarpada . Twenty four poor local people from the adjoining village of Tikarpada were grouped together to run the nature camp. This community based eco-tourism group was registered into a society called Tikarpada Paribesh Parytan Samiti(TIPPS).

Geographic location:
Tikarpada, Odisha 759132

What problem they are trying to solve? What have they accomplished?
The chief objectives of this Samiti or community are to protect the biodiversity and wildlife of this protected area as much as possible and also to provide the best natural experiences for the tourists coming from far off places. Since 2006 the nature camp has been set up on the bank of river Mahanadi for 4 months during the winter season. Technical training was also imparted to the community members in the allied fields of hospitality, catering and reception services, so that they are able to provide the best possible hospitality services to the tourists.
The local community also provides the nature camp tour packages including accommodation, boating, trekking and other facilities. The tourists pay for the same to the local Samiti (TIIPS) for using the service. The Samiti manages and maintains the entire infrastructure including tents, cots, toilets and their amenities. Within a very short time span the camp has become very popular among ecotourists. The community has been able to derive a sustainable growth for the region as well as its own.

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