Kit Mikai Cultural Site

Description of the CDT initiative:
The Kit Mikayi Cultural Site is a project located in Seme along the Kisumu-Bondo road some 20 kilometres West of Kisumu town. The site hosts a mythical rock which attracts numerous sightseers and legions of pilgrims especially the Legion of Mary faithful. The experiences of the visitors at the site are spiced up by the ever melodious Kangeso Women Group with their Luo folk songs performed at the foot of the Rock. The project is collectively managed by the neighboring Kakelo clan as a community owned project. The proceeds from the project support various community initiatives such as education for the underprivileged children, and sustaining the socio-economic needs of the elderly-poor members of the community.

Geographic location:
Kit Mikayi is located in Seme sub-county along the Kisumu-Bondo road, some 20 kilometres West of Kisumu town.

What problem they are trying to solve? What have they accomplished?

  • Kit Mikai CBT seeks to preserve the rock and its rich history
  • The Kit Mikai community Project aims to support education for the underprivileged children,
  • It aims to provide job opportunities for the local community,
  • It also seeks to economically sustain the elderly within the community.

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