Introduction of the partner

PRISM supports the social, cultural and economic development of the territory in which it operates. It acts as a qualified development agent able to monitor and boost in the territory the development policies promoted by local and transnational bodies, in particular by the European Union through structural funds and direct funding programmes managed by the European Commission or its executive agencies.

The PRISM mission is about promoting development that is:
– local, by promoting territorial identity and potential of endogenous resources;
– based on an effective local governance and development of social capital;
– sustainable, by meeting the needs of present generations without jeopardizing the ability of futures
generations to meet their own needs.

Main objectives are:
– To promote nonviolent community development through participatory processes and bottom-up planning.
– To encourage cooperation and international mobility in the youth field.
– To support initiatives for European cooperation in lifelong learning, education and vocational training
– To foster international cooperation activities in developing countries.

Prism includes the following departments:
– Youth and international mobility
– European cooperation
– Local development
– International cooperation
– Research & Innovation

– Member of the RIDE network, Rete Italiana per il Dialogo Euro-mediterraneo;
– Member of the ALF network, Anna Lindh Euro-Mediterranean Foundation for Dialogue between Cultures.

Presentation of the country / region

Italy, located in the middle of the Mediterranean sea, consists of a peninsula, traversed along by the Apennines, and surrounded by several islands, among which Sicily and Sardinia are the biggest ones.
Italy covers a total area of 301340 km2 with around 60 million inhabitants, Italy is the fourth most populous member state of the EU. Due to its central geographical location in Europe, Italy has historically been home to myriad of peoples and cultures. The country have greatly influenced and contributed to the development of diverse fields throughout centuries till nowadays, mainly in the areas of arts, music, literature, philosophy, science and technology, fashion, cinema, cuisine, sports as well as jurisprudence, banking and business. Regarding its cultural wealth, Italy is home to the world’s largest number of World Heritage Sites (54) and is the fifth-most visited country.

PRISM is located and operating in Sicily, the largest island in the Mediterranean Sea and one of the 20 regions of Italy. Sicily has rich and unique culture especially with regards to arts, music, cuisine and architecture. It is home to important archaeological and ancient sites. The island has an estimated 1500 km total length of coast. The terrain of inland Sicily is mostly hilly and intensively cultivated.

Sicily and its surrounding small islands have some highly active volcanoes, among which the Etna, Stromboli and Volcano are the most famous ones.
Sicily has a typical Mediterranean climate with mild and wet winters and hot, dry summers.